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BCN Sverige håller tillsammans med Tumba Lipokliniken utbildningar bl.a. inom Micropen/ Mesoterapi. På denna sida kan du köpa särskilt anpassade produkter för dina microneedlings- och mesoterapibehandlingar. Vi utbildar även i Plasmapen Plaxel + och Wonder muskelstimulering.

Nedan följer mer information om företaget Institute BCN.

At Institute BCN we are experts in mesotherapy. We provide physicians and health and beauty professionals throughout the world with the widest range of mesoceuticals® on the market, and the equipment necessary to apply the most advanced mesotherapy treatments.

Traditional mesotherapy

Cosmetic mesotherapy is a treatment, which is capable of improving the majority of cosmetic issues by providing small quantities of active ingredients directly to the area where they are needed. In conventional mesotherapy treatments these ingredients are administered via microinjections into the mesodermic layer of the skin.

In order to practice traditional mesotherapy treatments with Institute BCN products, please see the applicable law in your country.

Microneedling or micromesotherapy

Microneedling or micromesotherapy is a treatment inspired in traditional mesotherapy. It replaces the old way of application of active ingredients. Thus, microinjection is replaced by an electronic device of transdermal delivery, which is safer, faster and more effective: the Meso Pen. Its manual version can also be used: the Meso Roller.

Meso Pen opens more than 1.000 micro channels per second. These cutaneous micro channels or microtrauma create an innate response on the organism that helps repair the skin, which leads to the following benefits:

Stimulates collagen and elastin creation.

Has a firming and rejuvenating effect.

Improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Improves skin wrinkles and fine expression lines.

Reduces pore size.

Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Favours the penetration of active ingredients.

It is very important to use sterile and aseptic products in treatments with Meso Pen or Meso Roller. You have to keep in mind that this type of treatment produces small wounds on the skin’s cutaneous surface. Therefore, the application of non-sterile products on the patient’s skin may improve the risk of different cutaneous infections. Plus, the additives, preservatives and perfumes added to non-sterile products suppose a higher risk of allergies because when applied with Meso Pen or Meso Roller they reach a higher depth than with topic use.


One of Institute BCN cornerstones is the quality of our products, services, work process and facilities as reflected in our ISO 22716 good manufacturing practices for cosmetic products and 9001 quality management system certificates. In Institute BCN we follow GMP standards in all the processes we carry out, from the raw material reception to the dispatching of finished product.

Institute BCN Mesoceuticals

Our mesoceuticals® provide efficient, safe and scientifically proven solutions, the result of years of continued research and development. Non-invasive treatments which are painless, with no side effects and offering immediate results which allow us to provide effective and 100% customised solutions for cosmetic problems of both the face and body, such as ageing skin, localised fat, skin spots, hair loss, flaccid skin, cellulite, stretch marks, acne scars, etc.

From our beginnings, Institute BCN has had a clear international vocation. Thanks to a wide distribution network spread throughout the world, our brand currently has a presence in more than 60 countries on five continents.

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